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Fast Photo Renamer can rename thousands of images in seconds
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Alexander G. Styopkin

Fast Photo Renamer is very useful utility for professional photographers and all those who work with lots of photos and images. Fast Photo Renamer can rename thousands of images in seconds.
Whenever you take photos with digital cameras, they are saved as DSC0001, DSC0002 and so on and it is not necessary that all the photos can be taken on the same occasion. Some of them could be of your birthday party and some of them of your college trip. Now all you have to do is just move your birthday photos to a new folder and your trip photos to another. Fast Photo Renamer can rename all of your birthday photos to "MY birthday 4-4-2009" or anything desired in seconds. You can use any date or number in every photo name.

Fast Photo Renamer simplifies the collection and management of photos by giving their names the same prefix.
Fast Photo Renamer has an in-built file explorer with a folder tree that can help you to locate folders containing images, very quickly. You can also keep the EXIF data of the image or if there is no EXIF data, you can use the creation date of files as EXIF data. You can use the Batch Renaming mode to rename multiple images or use one by one mode to rename every single image with a different name for each.

Support for all the popular image file formats like; JPG, BMP, TIF, PSD, PCX, PNG, TGA, WMF and very flexible renamer make this tool a must have utility for photo management.

jasminder singh
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  • Renames multiple images in seconds
  • Thumbnail preview with adjustable size of thumbnails
  • Easy-to-use


  • Thumbnail preview of images in explorer is of poor quality. But because it has nothing to do with the renaming of files, it never disturbs the software
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